Fees in respect of professional services are based on time spent at competitive hourly rates which vary depending on the nature and complexity of the services required and range from R175.00 per hour for compliance services to R250.00 per hour for consultations, business services and value added services. Within certain circumstances, and at the sole discretion of the Service Provider, loyal clients who have been clients for more than a year are rewarded with a fixed monthly fee.  Income tax returns, payroll and company and close corporation CIPC services are charged at fixed prices.

The following factors are taken into account when determining the final hourly rate:

         The complexity of the work to be undertaken

         Specialized knowledge, research and responsibility involved

         After hours work at the request the client, or which is necessary because of the nature of the work involved. Time and a half is charged for after hours work.

Hourly rates increase annually on the 1st March.

The service and fee provided will be agreed with the client before any work is commenced. All work in progress during the month is billed at month-end, irrespective of whether the project is completed or not.

Under certain circumstances and at the sole discretion of the Service Provider, a minimum advance against anticipated fees may be required prior to commencement or continuance of assignments.

It is common practice amongst accountants working independently not to offer credit terms to clients.

Charges are levied separately for:

         Travelling expenses currently charged at R3.90 per kilometer


         Time billable includes travelling time where less than 7 hours is worked in any one day, thus the billable time will accrue from the point where the Service Provider leaves their office until their return

         Certain stationery, e.g. accounting Files billed at cost

         Consultation/meetings with the client?s auditor or accounting officer

         Consultation/meetings with specialized Consultant related to your business

         Telephone call time And email correspondence

         Printing and/or copy charges where more than 30 pages are required in any one month

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